DIY Vintage mason jars


DIY vintage mason jar tutorial

You’ve seen these jars all over Pinterest right? Vintage blue. Gorgeous darling!

Here is how to make them:

You need paint, sandpaper, and brushes

Cole's Graduation 2015 057

Paint the outside of the jars. It will need about 3 coats, so paint and then let dry….paint and then let dry.

Cole's Graduation 2015 067

Cole's Graduation 2015 056

When it is fully dry, take a little piece of sandpaper (I had 80 grit on hand) and scuff all of that hard work back off lol

Just in certain areas though, mostly where there is raised wording or pictures. FYI: When you sand an area, you want to be able to see the inside of the jar just a wee bit. This gives that dark affect you see below:

Ta da!

DIY Mason Jar 005 DIY Mason Jar 012 DIY Mason Jar 007

DIY Mason Jar 008 DIY Mason Jar 009


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below! Did you do a different color, I would love to see!


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