Diy Succulent Gift

Diy Succulent Gift

5 dollar gift 041

 Easy peasy gift, I’m serious.

And YES, that does say 5 dollars :)


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So to make this easy little gift, all you need are some paints, a small clay pot, and a succulent + dirt.

I got my succulent at Home Depot for $4.28 :) How exciting is that?! The pot was only $0.78 too

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First thing is first, paint the pot. You can do all sorts of colors…anything you like, er uh, what your mother likes.

I painted mine black (but I guess you can see that can’t you? heehee)

5 dollar gift 035

I also wanted to give mine a little bit of a modern look with that adorable black & gold color. To do this, just tape off a section of area with masking tape,

5 dollar gift 036

and paint it another coordinating color. In my case, gold!

5 dollar gift 037

Add just a teeny bit more detail to the pot by adding something to the top. I dipped Q-tips into my gold paint and went CRAZY :) (which isn’t that hard for me to do)

5 dollar gift 039 5 dollar gift 040

Replant that cute little fella into his (or her) new pot and BAM!

An adorable lil’ gift for any momma.

And the best thing is these lil’ plants don’t need a lot of care. I recommend doing a bit of research to know how much water they need and such, but other than that, this is a great shelf or coffee table plant.

5 dollar gift 0455 dollar gift 0515 dollar gift


(and don’t forget to tell your mom how much you love her today. Actually, do it right now…I’ll wait)

I love you mom!


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