DIY Saddle Lock Shoes

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Saddle Lock Shoes…ever heard of em’? Here is what they used to look like:

saddle shoe

A litttle like my DIY version eh?

This week at my church is “Blast from the Past” where we dress up as our faveorite time period.  How fun is that, right?

Anyways, I’m going as the 50’s so Saddle Lock shoes are a must!

And they only cost me 10 bucks! I’ll show you how:

What you need:

Simple white shoes (Mine were 8 dollars at Payless)

Black shirt paint (2$ if you don’t already have it)

Paint brushes

Real estate 078

Real estate 079

I went to Payless to get white shoes and “Oh Fiddlestix!” They were having a sale. I’m a sucker for sales and because they were 2 for 20$…I had to get another pair. Oh! And on top of that they were 20% off, so I paid 17$ for both pair! What a bargainDIY 001

Take out the laces and outline the seam of your shoes with black shirt paint

DIY 003

Fill in that outline with paint. If your shoes have metal rivets on them and you get paint on them, it should come off pretty easy.

When the paint drys, add the laces and TA-DA! 50’s party here I come :)

DIY 006 DIY 010 DIY 008

Let me see yours!



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