Diy: Patriotic letter wreath

WreathBring a little patrioticness to your front door with this easy DIY!

All you need is paint, tape, and one letter, make that one GIANT letter.

Wreath 009

I started by painting the whole letter white (you may need 2 coats)

Once it dries, grab some painter’s tape and tape off the sections for the stripes. Oh yes, and I know I have more than 13 stripes- heehee (I have more than 50 stars too!)

Wreath 010

Here is a simple little trick to keep your paint from smearing under the tape. With this little trick, you can have perfect lines (almost) every time. Simply paint over the tape with the color that is underneath the tape. In my case, white. This will seal the tape in place.

Wreath 013Can someone tell me what face my dog is making?

Once that dries you can paint over the tape again but this time with red. Once that dries, you can do the same sort of thing with the blue paint. As you can see in the other pictures I was testing my blue color :)

And actually, little side note, to get the blue line straight, I didn’t use tape (I’m such a rebel lol) I just carefully painted.

Wreath 026

The stars are easy peasey! News flash! shirt paint isn’t just for shirts! bwhahahaha! To make my stars nice and crisp I simply pumped on the shirt paint. Its way easier than painting them on with a brush. OH OH! And guess what… I painted some of them with glow in the dark shirt paint so they will glow at night! I know, right?

Wreath 018 Wreath 021

That’s basically it.

Command strips are great for hanging this project or you can use a ribbon or an actual wreath hanger.


Enjoy, and I would love to see yours. Send me a pic on Twitter @DIYCaroline or Facebook @Sweet16inStitches

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