DIY industrial table (without spending too much of an arm and a leg)


Table 001

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Okay, you have seen the industrial stuff all over the internet and Pinterest, right? Are you drooling? I am. I told myself that if my coastal obsession ever goes away, it would be replaced with an industrial obsession! I mean the stuff is AWESOME!

Imagine my delight when lil’Bro wanted a man-cave/game-room type room *it screams industrial,* does it not? But wait, I’m supposed to pay how much for a table!?

“Okay,” I thought, “maybe his room doesn’t scream industrial”… 0_o

Thankfully though, I found DIY tutorials. Lots of them, but with some, a DIY version still cost 250-300 dollars! I fished around, studied Lowe’s, and made this version of a coffee table for 86 dollars. Not too bad considering how much its cousins are.

I’d love to tell you all about it, so you can make one too! It’s easy to modify to fit any home and area! Let’s get to it:

Materials: All pipes are threaded black iron and 1/2”

  • 8 Flanges (got them on ebay for 28$)
  • 8- 6” pipes
  • 4- T pipes
  • 2- couplings
  • 4- 9” pipes (you can get shorter ones if you want a smaller table)
  • Stain
  • Spray Paint (optional)


  • 2×8 @ 10′ long
  • 1×4 @ 6′ long

[insert text here] 012

Wash all of the pipes to get the gross stuff off. I simply used warm soapy water and an old rag.

[insert text here] 110

Let them dry. As you can see, A bit of rust got on my pipes. This was fine because I was going to spray paint them later with Rustolium hammered paint.

Assemble the legs:

[insert text here] 023

[insert text here] 025

Put each of the 9” pipes into 4 flanges. This table (by request) is 20” high. This is slightly tall for a coffee table and if you simply swap the 9” pipes for shorter ones (maybe more 6” ones) you can solve this problem :)

[insert text here] 027

[insert text here] 029 [insert text here] 030

To the top of these pipes, add one T pipe

[insert text here] 031 [insert text here] 032

To the top of these T pipes, add one 6” pipe

[insert text here] 036

Finish with a flange on top

For the braces:

[insert text here] 111

Connect two 6” pipes together with one coupling.

Do this until you have two sets of braces.

[insert text here] 112

Connect two of the legs with a brace so you have two sets of table legs!

Spray paint them if desired

For the table top:

Did you know Home depot will do straight cuts for you for a quarter?!

This is where I got my wood pieces cut :)

[insert text here] 059

[insert text here] 060

Cut or have cut the 2×8” piece of wood into: 3- 40” long pieces

Have the 1×4” piece of wood cut into: 3- 20.5” long pieces

[insert text here] 063

Place the 3 smaller pieces of wood evenly on the bottom of the 3 larger pieces. These will be the wood braces.

[insert text here] 000

Screw about 2 screws in each middle brace and one in each of the ends 

[insert text here] 067

Sand and stain the desired color. I used Dark Walnut to match lil’Bro’s bed!

DIY Bed frame! What are you serious! This is AWESOME! 003 DIY Bed frame! What are you serious! This is AWESOME! 004

Seal the top with a sealer

Let dry completely.

[insert text here] 125

Place the legs on the end braces (6” pipe at the top) and mark where the flange holes are. Drill pilot holes, then screw each leg in place!

Put the table top on a soft surface when you do this so the ground won’t scratch the stain off.

If it is not level, slightly hand screw or unscrew the pipes.


This may not be the cheapest table, but it is the cheapest industrial table I have found :)


Table 001 Table 006 Table 003

Table measures: (by lil’Bro’s request)

20” high

40” long

25” wide



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