DIY Hershey Bar Emergency Kit

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Good Morning Tuesday :)


Today I wanted to share a quick gift for under 10$. This would be a great last minute white elephant gift or stocking stuffer, you name it!

ONLY 10$ and for some…ONLY 3$ (depending on if you have a frame)

Want to know how to make it? It comes with its own free priiiiiintable…….

Let’s get started!


in case of emergency 019

What you need:

  • red paper
  • Hershey bar or other small candy
  • 8.5 x 11” frame (you can get one smaller and just trim the paper if you want)
  • This Printable FREE – in case of emergency

That is it.


Print out the printable

Cut a piece of red paper so it fits between the words, “emergency” and “break” and glue in place

Tape the candy in place on the red paper

Fit your work of art in the frame!



in case of emergency 007 in case of emergency 018 in case of emergency 003


Easy huh….and cheap?

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Thanks everyone, Have fun at your White Elephant and Gift Exchange parties!

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