DIY Easy Pillowcase Tutorial

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To make this pillowcase, all you need is:

3/4 of a yard of main fabric

1/3 of a yard of secondary fabric

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Start by cutting your fabric. You will need pieces cut to the sizes below:

pillowcase tutorial 005

Cut your main fabric to be a 41’’ x 26’’ rectangle.


pillowcase tutorial 019

Cut your secondary fabric into a 41’’ x 11’’ rectangle. 


pillowcase tutorial 028

 Now fold your secondary piece of cloth in half, so it measures 41’’ x 5.5’’


With right sides together, pin your secondary fabric to the longest edge {41’’} of your main fabric. You want to make sure all rough edges are facing one way.


pillowcase tutorial 021

 Sew with a ¼ inch seam allowance down the length of the pillowcase.

You should be sewing three layers.

Iron the seams.

Now you should have a piece of cloth that measures roughly: 41” x 31”


pillowcase tutorial 020

All that’s left, is to fold, pin, sew, and iron!

FOLD: You now need to fold your pillowcase cloth in half, shortest edge to shortest edge. Fold with right sides together. It should measure about: 20.5’’ x 31.5’’

PIN: Pin everything in place. Make sure all the seams match up. If you are using a striped fabric, you need to be extra careful.

SEW: You are going to sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. {right sides together} You will start sewing from the bottom of your main fabric {short side}. then you will sew the length of the entire open long side. DO NOT sew the border {secondary fabric} closed! You are only sewing 2 sides, NOT three. After all, the pillow needs to get in somehow! = )

After you sew, turn it right side out and give it a test fitting. If the pillow seems way to short for the pillowcase, you may want to decrease the length of the pillowcase a little bit. Simply turn it wrong sides out and sew the bottom of the pillowcase, until it reaches your desired length.

IRON: I always like to iron my projects when they are done. It makes me feel accomplished! However, this is totally optional.

CELEBRATE: Woo Hoo! You did it! How does it look? Post a picture of it on my Facebook page. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see it!

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