DIY dog tug toy

We got new little puppies!


DIY tug toy

Yepperdoodles! They are the cutest little things on the face of the earth. Like seriously, it should be illegal to be that cute! :)

Our big ol’ Yeller dog passed on after about 10 years of being part of our family so we after about 2 months after his death, we decided to look into getting little pups. This time, two little ones! :D 

They were born October 18 and we got them when they were 7 weeks old.

They have soooooo much fun playing tug-a-war with anything that I figured it was time to give them a pull toy, so here it is!

what you need




  • 1” rope @ 3 foot long
  • Tennis ball
  • Drill with 1” drill bit
  • Scissors
  • The ability to tie a knot

how to make it



DIY tennis balls 005 DIY tennis balls 007

Start by drilling a hole in the tennis ball. Unless you are giving this away to a friend or selling them, you don’t need to buy new tennis balls. Just get an old one your pups play with.

DIY tennis balls 009

Tie a knot at one end of the rope

DIY tennis balls 010

Thread the ball on to the other side

DIY tennis balls 011

Tie another knot on the other end (you’re almost done!)

DIY tennis balls 012

Cut off the excess rope and shake the toy (like a dog) so the ends fray

DIY tennis balls 017 DIY tennis balls 018

DIY tennis balls

There you have it! Give it to those cutie pie dogs of yours and let them tug away!

DIY tennis balls 028 DIY tennis balls 039


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