DIY Bakers twine

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Creativity is MESSY…and I am VERY creative!


Are you one of those? Someone who needs about 10 craft rooms and to be the CEO of a craft store- HA!

Well, if you are a DIYer who likes a little to much to make stuff rather than just go buy it, this project will be perfect for you!

DIY Baker’s Twine

DIY Bakers Twine with Sharpie

Baker’s twine… it’s like cotton candy for the DIY lover! mmm mmm good!

It is really easy to make, and I’ll show you: (and I’ll tell you a secret…it’s cheaper than baker’s twine- Heehee)

what you need




  • White twine- Made from Egyptian cotton <- I had to add that, it makes white twine sound more important than it is :)
  • Wooden spools to store twine
  • Color Sharpie or fabric markers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or Paint stick

how to make it



DIY Bakers Twine 003 DIY Bakers Twine 004

Take the white Egyptian Cotton :) and wrap it around the paint stick a few million times.

DIY Bakers Twine 006 DIY Bakers Twine 007Take the markers and color several lines down the twine. Not super close together, but about an even space apart white, color, white, color…

DIY Bakers Twine 009This is what it will look like when you wind it back on the spool!

Purty good huh?

DIY Bakers Twine 014 DIY Bakers Twine 017 DIY Bakers Twine 016 DIY Bakers Twine 015

DIY Bakers Twine


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