Motorcycle Quilt

It felt great to get back in the sewing spirit! The last few months have been filled with all sorts of craziness and sewing was just pushed to the back burner. I got an order this past week and that’s all it took to get the ol’ Brother oiled and up and running. I have some T-shirt quilts in the making and almost done with a cushion (something new i am trying)

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The wind wouldn’t cooperate today, so out of the dozens of photos at least I got this one:) Officially completed and ready for delivery:)
And thanks to the J man for some awesome bending down skills and hiding abilities so I could take this picture

Enjoy Monica;)

Dr. Seuss Quilt

This was a fun and bright quilt to finish up. It’s been done for a little while, but I finally snipped the last thread and pulled it out of the warm dryer today:)

in love…

Newest edition to the quilt family…

I want to keep every single quilt that comes through my business, and this one is no different! The entire back is soft minky and it is OH SO fluffy! The front features a fun geometric pattern along with pink feathers and polka dots!

This one is going to a sweet little baby girl who will make her debut very soon!

It was such a fun quilt to make and I cant wait for it to have a new home♥

picmonkey-collage-2 feather-quilt-027 feather-quilt-017 feather-quilt-008


Till the next project,


Heads Up

Heads up you guys for changes coming in May!

I will be changing quilt prices coming May ONE, so if you want to order a quilt for a cheaper price, place your order by April 30, 2016 @ 11:59pm

I will be coming out with a price sheet in May and those will be the new numbers.


You can order from my blog , Facebook, or head over to my shop and we can work something out together :)

see U soon

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Princess Quilt

Sometimes, when the sun peeks his little head through the rain droplets on the trees, it is best to stop what you are doing, throw on some rain boots, and go take pictures in a puddle of the quilt you finished last night.

PicMonkey Collage

This is why I love Fridays :)

Jadon's Birthday 043

Jadon's Birthday 022

This quilt would go great with some super cute princess wands that are coming to the shop very soon!

Jadon's Birthday 029

Jadon's Birthday

Jadon's Birthday 031

and sometimes…you look down at the puddle you are randomly standing in and wonder, “what in the world am i doing??”

Oh well

wearing rain boots immediately makes you attracted to giant puddles and very wet things.

Enjoy quilt number 3 of 2016~

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