First Packages Sent for the Season


Shipped the first October/December orders this week! I can’t wait for all of the exciting new upgrades and news to come these next few months!


Christmas is just around the corner! Gather those turkeys! Cover yourself in glitter! And hold on! Its about to get awesome….

Till next time peeps,


Let’s just do it…

Let’s just do it! Let’s take the time we have and make memories that will last a lifetime! Let’s do more doing and never stop smiling and dreaming!


Your happiness will be more contagious than a yawn! For yawns are boring and remind you of the end of the day, while a smile reminds you of the happiness of the moment, and every breath you breathe!

Today, I sewed in almost all my spare time this morning! I’m makin as many masks as I can, to take down to my wee little shop in Old Town Spring! I found a tad bit of time to go jump in the beautifully cool water in our pool and spent some time with my crazy dogs till I left to go work at the best place on earth: “Hobby Lobby”

it was a wonderfully busy day, and I hope yours was equally fantastic or better! 😊

Enjoy your moment!

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A day in the life of me…

Today was good, today was fun! Tomorrow is another one! (Dr. Seuss)

stuff 069

Well I stayed up a little longer than I probably should have, but hey! I’m almost done with my gallery wall I spontaneously decided to add in my room. I don’t know if its technically considered a gallery wall though. (In reality I am adding a quote to the top of the wall and then below adding tons of pictures in no real order.) Basically I will just add to the wall as time progresses. If me and friends take a picture I like, I may print it out and staple it to the “gallery.”

I’m almost done cutting out all of these letters individually and adhering them to the wall. Check back SOON to see how it turned out! (FINGERS CROSSED)

Please disregard the “holidays” on the ceiling ( I’m obviously not the best painter lol ). Just keepin’ it real folks!

Stay Dry You Guys

Hope everyone is staying nice and dry this week! Stuff them pink rain boots on your lil’ feet and stay awesome!


By the way, here are those rain boots from Amazon and they are absolutely positively FANTASTIC!

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Through a new lens:

Bathroom reveal 045I have been asked to start taking pictures of real estate (SO COOL)

I took pictures of my first house on Monday but decided that the lens I currently have will not work. It is great for the outside of homes and for larger rooms and distant photos, but for small halls and tiny spaces I needed a wider angle.

I bought the lens above and received it a few days ago and absolutely love it! If you are not a camera person this might not make sense.

It is a Sigma 10mm-20mm wide angle. Here it is on Amazon.

I was very pleased with the price as well! I have a Nikon D90 and wanted to specifically get a 10mm lens. Unfortunately, the only lenses I could find for a Nikon and size I wanted were in the $800’s to 1,000+

Um, exsqueeze me? Never mind.

Well I looked around some more and found the SIGMA brand and it even worked with my Nikon! It was LESS than $500 and came with so much extra stuff!

Bathroom reveal 047

All in all it is a great lens and a great investment and does exactly what I want it to do. It lets in a lot of light and I cannot wait to start using it in houses! I just had to share my experience and if you are looking around for a wide angle lens without zapping your whole savings account, I would totally recommend the SIGMA!

Bathroom reveal 048

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