Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #5

Printables & More!

 Hows about some FREE printables?

Let’s start with an item description sheet:

If you have a lot of items on your table and a lot of different prices, it can get confusing to remember, so simply use this description sheet to help you out! Just print off the pages you need.

craft fair description

Click and Print Me! Craft Fair Item description sheet



Do you ever have people ask for receipts? Don’t worry, with this simple little receipt printable, you can satisfy your customers wants and needs. Eventually, you can upgrade to a real carbon paper receipt book from Office Depot, but until then…it’s printin’ time!!!


Click and Print Me! Receipt sheet



DIY: Custom paper bag


Your customer asks for a bag, you:

A: tell them you don’t have any

B: give them a bland brown paper sack

C: Put their item in a DIY little Bright eyes bag!

Answer: C

Masks 017

Mustaches 025


“Creative clutter is better than idle neatness!”


You need:

  • 12” x 12” piece of scrapbook paper (any color)

  • Scissors or a straight cutter

  • Tape

Masks 001

Take your piece of paper, and cut it 12” x 10”

Masks 023

Face the paper towards you to where the longest side is parallel to you.

Masks 005

Fold one end of the paper in to the exact middle of the paper.

Masks 006

Do the same to the other end.

Masks 007

Tape it in place!


Masks 008

Fold the bottom of the bag up about 3 inches.

Masks 009

This part is a little tricky, because it is tough to explain in words, but just use the pictures and you will do fine!

Masks 010

Masks 011

Fold the corners in so it makes two triangles.

Masks 012

Fold the top of that 3” piece down about half way.

Masks 013

Do the same to the bottom piece, but overlap the top piece just a little.

Masks 014

Tape in place!


Masks 015

Voila! Your done with one! The more you make, the easier it gets…so let’s start folding!

Masks 016 Masks 017 Masks 020




DIY: Business Card Holder:

DIY card holder 033

DIY card holder 047

DIY card holder 016


“I can’t clean my craft room, because I get distracted by all the good I find again!” -Anonymous


Everyone needs a business card holder! Instead of buying a pre-made one, how about make one!? Here is a simple card holder that is sure to get recognition at your table or booth!

Ps: There is no need to be a master woodworker to make this project.  : )

Here is what you need:

  • Wood measuring tape/yardstick

  • Wood glue or really small nails

  • Saw

  • Sandpaper

And guess what! No need for a measuring device, because your card holder will be made out of a measuring device!

DIY card holder 006

DIY card holder 009

Take your yard stick. (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 + 40% off with my handy dandy coupon!)


DIY card holder 014

DIY card holder 013

With the saw…

DIY card holder 016

Cut two pieces each 1  1/2 inches long and

Three pieces each 4 inches long.

Sand these ends so they are nice and smooooooth. 

Your almost done! Easy right?

DIY card holder 019 DIY card holder 026

DIY card holder 010

Take the wood glue and glue the three longest pieces together like the pictures above. You can use really small nails if you would like, but I recommend the glue…it is easiest!


DIY card holder 028

DIY card holder 031

After that has a chance to dry, glue the two tiny ends to the business card holder on either side.


DIY card holder 040

DIY card holder 033

DIY card holder 035

DIY card holder 037

DIY card holder 043

Slap that puppy together, let it dry, slide in your business cards, and pat yourself on the back!

“Well done young woodworker!”

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Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #4

Number 4

Custom Orders and THREE printable pages!

“Do you take custom orders?” When doing a craft fair, you will almost always be asked this.

Well, do you? This kind of goes back to the second post about talking:

Don’t just say “YEA!”

Say something like: “Yea I do, what do you have in mind?” Then take down their information on one of the custom order sheets below.

Don’t hesitate to tell a passerby about your custom orders too! If they don’t look interested in anything you have on your table, tell them about your custom orders!

etsy custom order

custom order plain


Etsy custom Orders sheet

Custom orders plain sheet

Extra custom orders paper

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Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #3

Number 3

After the Fair:

  • How did you do?

  • What were your spending costs vs. profit?

Hopefully you did great! Either way, you probably  learned Something new. I know I always do. To help you out, here is an easy printable: What I learned It’s easy! I promise!! Just download, print, and fill it out. Easy peasy!

After you do all of this, GO CELEBRATE!!! You probably deserve it. Of course don’t go spend ALL your profits haha. Come on, go eat ice cream!

Maybe that fair wasn’t for you: This happens, trust me. But hey, if at first you don’t succeed, go eat a giant brownie from the food booth beside you, then go relax, you deserve it.

Oh yes! And the most important thing, DO NOT FORGET to contact your custom order customers. It doesn’t have to be THAT day, but contact them the next day or very soon. *I will touch on custom orders in a later post this week… even get a printable!*


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Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #2

number 2

What to do during the craft fair:

Evolve the kids! If the fair is a kid oriented fair, involving the pint-sized audience is a must. Bring candy, have a game if you want. Because here is the thing….it sounds devious but usually when the kids are interested, so are the parents. Not always, but usually. Get the child wanting your product. “Hello!” or “Hey buddy.” Offer candy. If they pick up (a mask in my case) say “Would you like to try it on?” Show them themselves in a mirror wearing the mask. If your products are centered around kids, get them involved.

  • Bring a partner! There is no reason to be miserable! Bring Someone who knows your product so that you can leave to go eat, take a bathroom break, or just have someone to talk to if things are going slow.

  • Music anyone? If appropriate, play some seasonal music to make your table feel more inviting. Don’t blast out your customers ears, just some soft classical stuff.


Talk! And get them talking. Here are some scenarios:

When a customer says “your stuff is so cute!”
Say this: “Thank you, are you looking for anything particular?” or “Thank you, are you getting ready for the holidays?”
Not this: “Thank you”

When a customer says “Did you make all this?”
Say this: “Yes, I sure did! I started making (your item) a few years ago and absolutely love creating them. Are you looking for anything particular?”
Not this: “Yes, I sure did!”

When a customer passes your table…
Say this: “Hello, how are you?”
Not this: “………..”

The main goal of running your craft booth is to get your customers talking! Find their interests, etc.


When someone’s look on their face changes to sad when you tell them the price of an item, make the executive decision whether to lower the price of the item or not. Make these decisions beforehand, and stick to them! If your original price is $5.00 tally your costs and decide beforehand that you won’t go any lower than $3.50…etc.


Give out business cards! This is your main priority. Marketing, marketing, marketing!!!


Stay until the fair is completely over. This is when I make most of my sales. Everyone around me is breaking down tables (customers walk past these not wanting to get in the way) while just a few stay faithful to the end. (These are the people who get the main sales)


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Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #1

Craft AholicThis quote is soooo true! One day, I try to stop crafting…just take a break for a couple of hours. (But of course that never works) Crafting is me!

And craft fairs of course. Those are a part of me too!

I genuinely love doing craft fairs! They are a great way to meet new people and potential customers. They give you a chance to show the world your product! Get your brand out there!! Craft fairs are awesome!!!

My favorite one thus far has been with 7 acre woods. “The October Pumpkin Patch.” Best one I have been to, and am definitely doing it again. Here is their Facebook Page: Go LIKE them and come on out October 18th.

This brings me to my next point of business…

EVERY DAY this WEEK, you have a chance to read up on some of my craft fair tips, tricks, confessions, and maybe *hint hint* get some free priiiiiiintables!

Walk through my little craft fair world all this week! : )

Sunday to Sunday!

Hows about it?

You ready?





Number 1

Getting ready for a craft fair:

  • Do your research, ask questions! Here are a few questions I usually ask:

-When is the event?

-How many people usually show up? (customers and vendors)

-What time does set up start?

-How many times have you done this event? (7 acre woods is doing their 14th annual Pumpkin Patch fair this year…2014)


  • Have more product than you need. A very full table looks way more inviting than a sparse table. Usually people will walk past a table with not much on it, because they automatically think you have nothing left.


  • Advertise, Advertise, oh yeah, and did I mention Advertising?! See if or fair you are attending has simple little printout flyers. Place them on public billboards, give them to your friends and family, and even put them on Cars you pass in a parking lot (make sure the people aren’t in there car when you place the flyer on the car) *That just makes things AWEK-ward!*


  • Plan ahead! The night before, pick out your outfit. Charge your phone if need be, and load ALL your things in the car. When you wake up, all you have to do is get yourself ready and leave.

— A note on your outfit: Wear something decent. You don’t have to wear a dress or a tuxedo, but wear an outfit that looks presentable, but you can still move around, bend over, and feel comfy in. What I mean, is DON’T WEAR YOUR PJ’S!!! I have seen so many people wear kind of dirty looking clothes, don’t do this. I usually wear jeans (sometimes sweats :) and a nice sweater type shirt. Casual, but nice.

 checklist pic

  • Make sure you have all your essentials! To help you out, here is a FREE printable. YES…I said free! Click on the link right there –> to download and print.  Craft show checklist



Want to read more? Here you go:
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