To Leave a Review or not to leave a Review…That is the Question

To leave a review or not to leave a review…That is the question, and hopefully you will find my answer helpful.


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Should I leave a Review?

Reviews are night and day for business men and women!

They not only make your shop look professional and well-rounded, but they also have the power to prevent customers from purchasing, returning, recommending it, or even… just following the crowds and adding bad reviews themselves!


Should I leave a review if my product was TERRIBLE (and I mean terrible!)

So, if your product falls apart on day one, should you (in a rage) log onto the website, rant about how terrible the store and product are, hit submit, and then go about your day feeling accomplished?
You want the short answer? “No, you shouldn’t”
You want the slightly longer more explained answer? Here you go: Just because your product is not what you expected does not mean you should just automatically write a bad review. First, take a minute to cool off. Gather your wits, and try to look at this situation rationally. :)

I am NOT telling you to lie though…
Look at the item. Was it really the shop’s fault, or was it the post offices? (Bent envelope or package, broken glass inside the box, package left in bad weather…etc.)
Second, reach out to the shop owner before you write a bad review. 95% of your average shop owners want to help, and will do their best to fix your issue or return your money. Most shop owners, like me, believe in their products, and will try their best to satisfy you!
What should I write in my review?

Here you go:

You love/or hate your product and are ready to write a review…what should you talk about.

You have to remember others will see this

Write about:

  • If you liked it
  • Was it all you hoped?
  • Did it get there in time?
  • Did it ship fast
  • Was the color correct
  • How was your customer service
  • Who is receiving the item (Christmas, birthday, etc.)
  • Would you ever do business with this shop again?


Enjoy your products, and from all shop owners: “Thanks for your review! It means a lot.”

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A resolution that will last all year – A Quilter resolution is completely right in their new year’s quote. You have 365 blank days ahead of you, make each one count and cherish each one.



It is normal to make some new year resolutions on January 1st right? I figure should do it too! Here they are: Just two.

Nothing too complicated, just two wee resolutions that should last past February. lol (longer than most resolutions) ;D

#1 A quilt a month

This 2015 year, I want to do something amazing… finish projects! Go on…say it… Deep down inside, you want to do this to. Every month I want to focus on finishing a quilt I have buried deep in my closet, or start a new quilt and finish it COMPLETELY. Yeah, I know, I said the quilter’s F word: “Finishing” At the end of every month, I will show you a picture of the quilt I hopefully finished!


#2 A giveaway a month

You’re squealing with delight inside…I just know it! Come back the first Sunday of every month to enter to win awesome prizes. Just for my devoted readers who are reading this post, I will do the math for you, come back January 4th.

See you then


What are some of your resolutions? Shout one or two or three or all of them out below in the comment section, or on Facebook @Sweet16inStitches or even Twitter @DIYCaroline.

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Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #8

number eightThanks everyone for reading, and this ends my week of craft fair tips, tricks, and confessions.

Remember to do what you love! You will always make mistakes, but you just have to pick yourself up, brush off, and do it again!

Have a wonderful wonderful day!

Cheers and xoxo,

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Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #7

Number 7

I was a beginner too! Still am for that matter. I’m not a pro, I make mistakes, mess up on words, and don’t give out change correctly (sometimes, not always…but I always figure it out before they walk off)

Every single fair, I learn something new, it’s true! : )

Some of the more embarrassing moments have been these:


  • I literally talked to a customer through a row of quilts before! Thinking back on it, I just laugh and laugh. I’m chuckling to myself right now! You should have seen us!

Imagine…A big rack of quilts…Customer asked me a question over the rack of quilts, and I responded…looking through the rack of quilts myself! Hahahahahaha… Both of us, stretching our necks like chickens, trying to get a view of the other. I’m embarrassed (and tickled) to say that we held a whole conversation like this.

Ahh, good times

So, TIP: Always come to the front of the table or booth (or rack of quilts.) Engage with the customer.



  • The customer pointed out how I gave him the wrong change. WOOPS! In this kind of situation, you just have to brush it off. Mistakes happen, and thankfully, this customer realized it before he walked off.

TIP: Double check your change, and relax. (Use a calculator if you need to) Don’t know how to count back change? Here are some tips:


  • My square didn’t work! Seriously, the customer did it for me! An adorable couple, buying a bright quilt and matching elephant for their young (about 1 ½) year old daughter. So cute! They had a credit card, so I whipped out my square card reader, feeling all business like, and important.

“Can I please have your card?”

*he handed it to me*

*swipe* wait…wait….wait….



*Swipe swipe swipe*

“ummm….it’s not working….”

This was a very kind pair of customers though. Apparently he works with these kinds of devices and actually swiped his own card. HeeHee

TIP: Stay humble! Something isn’t working right? Tell the customer, maybe they will be device savvy too!?



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Tips, Tricks, and Confessions of a Craft Fair Addict #6

The Importance of Height!

number 6


Craft like no one’s watching!


Height Height Height!

No booth is complete without height… let me show you:

A table with no height:

Importance of height 012

Importance of height 015

Importance of height 016

Importance of height 017


Booorrriiing! Not much to look at. You eye is naturally drawn to the only height on the table…the elephants in the corner.

Now look at a table with height:

Importance of height 049

Ahhh… much better! Height makes your table seem more full. And you can actually fit more things onto it!

You can achieve this look very easily and here is how:


Importance of height 018

Importance of height 021

Let’s start with something simple, crates! Crates are easy to come by, and provide some good height for your table.

The ones pictured here are the simple unfinished wooden crates that I stained!

I added some battery powered lights to give the crates a bit of a holiday feel.

Importance of height 022

Importance of height 024

What do you put in the crates? Well…anything! I put my stuffed animals in them usually.

Importance of height 026

Now how about something on top of the crates? This is a simple little wood structure I DIYed! 

Importance of height 027

Importance of height 029

Importance of height 028 Importance of height 030

I call it my “Mustache Holder” because…

Importance of height 032

Importance of height 034

 It holds my mustaches!

Here is an easy way to add a bit of height to your table, while also making it feel like you have more product:

Importance of height 037

Importance of height 036

Stack your thin items. Just slightly overlap the items you have that are relatively thin. This will give the table a wee bit of interesting height.

Importance of height 038

Importance of height 041

Importance of height 040

Importance of height 039

I got this lovely little tri basket from none other than Hobby Lobby! ($15.00 with a coupon) Something tall like this with multiple layers gives some good height to the booth.


Importance of height 042

Importance of height 043

Importance of height 044

Importance of height 045

Importance of height 046

Importance of height 047

Importance of height 048

This is another DIY.

1 1/2” dowel with 1/4” dowels stuck through it.

Cross base at the bottom so it won’t tip over and a clothes pin glued to the top to hold my “WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS” sign.


Importance of height 049

Importance of height 053

Importance of height 056

Importance of height 054

Importance of height 055


And there you have it! Some ways that you can add height to your booth. Hope this helps and good luck at your craft fair!



Catch ya later!

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