About Me

 Who is Caroline, and what is this all about?

{Great Question!}

I walked up to my room,
“Houston we have a problem!
My room has officially sprung a leak! Threw up! Overflowed fabric!”
HEEEELLLLPPP!!! That’s when it hit me,

‘I needed a bigger room,’

But of course, that was out of the question, my room was as big as it was ever going to get. So I made the next most logical decision swirling around in my head.

What if I sold it? {The fabric, not the room…but I guess you already figured that one out.} :) 


I’m Caroline!

I’m a DIY nut, cook, baker, sewer, quilter, blogger, writer and piano player! 

I am the daughter of two amazing parents, sister of two great brothers, and friend to fantastic people!

I love to play Volleyball, walk my dog, and golf (at least attempt to!)

I created this blog and my Etsy shop {Sweet16inStitches} so I could share my creations with YOU!

Hope you love my blog and feel free to join the family and leave comments galore! I would love to hear from you.


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