A poem on this Wednesday


My Cow Ate My Homework

By: Caroline Williams

Illustration by: Jadon Williams


My cow ate my homework, I’m honest, it’s true!

First it was eating grass and then next thing I knew,

My essay, my test, and my arithmetic too.


Do believe me, oh please, I’m telling the truth,

Hook me to a lie detector, hire a sleuth.


For you see my cow is a special kind of critter,

He likes grass, wheat, rice, beans and a big apple fritter.


But his favorite thing to eat oh teacher, oh dear,

Is my homework so sweet and this fact makes me fear.

He likes homework so much that the answer is clear,


He might one day decide to come and eat you,

Now this would be bad, your family might sue!


So to save all this heartache and keep you in tact,

I suggest we shake hands and make a forever pact.


You will assign no more homework, now this would be swell,

my cow will not eat you; you can ring the school bell.


He eats homework so often I don’t want him to do you harm,

He really is a nice cow, he lives in my small barn.


So teacher, be sweet, don’t assign anything new,

Remember, I love homework, I’m just looking after you.


Original poem by Caroline 2015, All rights reserved ©



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