“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 1}


 “52 weeks to Smile.

I realized recently, that a lot of us tend to only be thankful around the holidays, especially around Thanksgiving.

But thankfulness should be carried out throughout the year! Right? 

To remind myself of this, I am starting “52 Weeks of Happy” A weekly post {Fridays} at which I will list a couple of things that I am grateful for, or that make me happy!

And guess what?

You can join too!

Post a comment below {or on any 52 weeks of Happy post} and tell me something you are grateful for! You can also post on my Facebook page, telling me something you are grateful for or that makes you smile!

So here we go…


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1) I love the autumn colors as they change into the even brighter colors as we get closer to December! So beautiful!


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2) The crunch of the dried sticks and leaves under my feet makes me smile… :)


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3) Cool whether is a sign of football!  It is so fun to get out in the great outdoors and tackle your siblings. ♥  Watching it is fun too!


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today... Littlebrighteyes.net

4) God’s amazing creation makes he smile each day! I marvel each day at what the creator has given us to explore and discover. ♥



One down, 51 to go!

Now that wasn’t hard was it?

What are you thankful for? What makes you smile?




~Bright Eyes



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