52 Weeks of Happy {Week 17 and 18}

Hello! Good-morning, Afternoon, Evening! Just catching up with the past two weeks Happy posts.


Busy Busy Busy!

May is going to be the busiest month so far this year. =)


My 4H quilt is on the very edge of being done! You might have seen it, but I put a countdown clock on the side of my blog. = )


House 041

House 036House 030

House 024House 017House 015House 002 House 001

Spring has finally sprung! The flowers are blooming, leaves are waking up from their long, ever so long, winter sleep. The bees are back! Hallelujah! {never thought I’d say that about a bee} Butterflys are slowly appearing, sun shining, plants are arriving at the stores, ready for pick  up.


I love spring!

I can wear shorts now, I can leave my jacket at home. ♥ ♥ ♥!

I’m just waiting for exactly the right time to jump in the pool. The water looks SO inviting, but put your foot in, and *brrr* looks like I’ll be waiting for it to warm up some more.


My Uncle and Aunt went to China! 

On Sunday, we were invited over into Galveston to eat and look at the gazillions of pictures they took, while on their trip. We ate, they told stories, and after it was all said and done, we were all sent home with unique authentic chopsticks, {and I’m not talking about the ones you get at Panda Express.} These were painted wood eating utensils…from China!

Anyways, it was pretty awesome, but our “China adventures” don’t stop there. You can’t just go to Galveston and talk about China and then end the day with American food! You have to eat China.

Okay, let me rephrase that. You’re not going to eat China…

“You have to eat Chinese food.”

There, I feel better.

We ended the day with Panda Express, using our new chopsticks of course.


Bubble Bursting Alert:

{Egg rolls are not Chinese!}


And lastly, we finished off the night with Kung Fu Panda!

That’s All!


Have a HAPPY DAY everyone!



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