“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 6}

This week was filled with happy moments!

52 Weeks of Happy!

52 Weeks of Happy! 52 Weeks of Happy! 52 Weeks of Happy! 52 Weeks of Happy! 52 Weeks of Happy!

My special day with a very special brother! Thursday was my birthday, and as a birthday gift, my sweet brother took me around town to eat brunch and walk around. The biggest surprise… I could go into any fabric store I choose…and pick any fabric I wanted! Woo hoo! Above are the fabrics I choose. Basically, they were so cute I could not pass them up! The giraffe fabric above will be made into pajama pants I know, but I don’t know what to do with the rest… yet.

TO my Brother: I Love You!

And my parents and to my little brother, I love all of you dearly too! Thank you for sharing this day with me and giving me my awesome gifts any sewer would love!

This week was filled with happy moments!

My little angel. My sweet Grammie gave me this adorable angel as a birthday gift. It sits in my window sill, and reminds me of her! She holds a delicate gold star, and is clothed fully in a lace dress. Every detail is lovely, from her little pink cheeks, to the fringe on the bottom of her dress. I love it, and I love You Grammie!


flowers 007 flowers 014 flowers 015 flowers 021 flowers 022

Birthday Flowers! My aunt and uncle sent these flowers to me on my birthday by pink van! It was about noon, when a pink van pulls up in our driveway.  “I think there is someone here to see you!” My mom called. I was shocked when the lady handed me the bouquet of beautiful and bright flowers, a birthday balloon, and a box of scrumptious assorted chocolates. “Have a great birthday!” She said, and drove off to deliver more happy wishes. TO my Aunt and Uncle, I love You!

And to everyone else who gave me gifts and birthday wishes that brightened my day, Thanks You! xoxo

lovely smiling hd wallpapers with quotes


Happy New Year! Of course, a happy moment this week was New Year’s! I cannot believe another year has whisked by. How many of you stayed up till the new year? I sure did! One thing to remember, when you are starting this new year on a clean slate, is, BE HAPPY! Everywhere, anywhere, smile!…it makes people wonder what you are up to!

I also hope for all of you reading this, that your 2014 is filled with tremendous joy, love, peace, and patience. I hope we all try to be kind, good, faithful, and have self-control.

Happy New Year!




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