52 Weeks of Happy {Week 51}


“Baby it’s cold outside!”


florida sand edit

I’m writing this upstairs


Well it is warm up here in my big comfy chair. My feet propped up on the cushioned ottoman.

Another reason…it is cold downstairs. Our Heater broke unexpectedly for the downstairs, so it is kinda chilly all the way down there. It is warm up here however, and I am thankful for that!

I just keep looking at the pictures from Florida…Beaches….Heat….Hot….Sun….Happy Sigh…… :)


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Next week is the last week of 52 Weeks of Happy. Cannot believe it has already been a year!

Thankful to be alive….aren’t you? Pretty awesome to just take a breath and realize each one is an incredible gift from God.

This is one of the first pictures I posted during week 1. Still fit in the shoes.

 candy bar wrap 020

Almost Christmas! With thanksgiving day, brings Christmas trees, Christmas parties soon to come, and of course ksbj’s tradion of non stop Christmas music. Yee Haw! Christmas day here I come!!!

And don’t worry, I didn’t forget…Happy Early Thanksgiving! All of this talk of Happiness and Thankfulness makes me think of one of my favorite holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving are my two FAVORITE holidays. Not only because I have been waiting all year to eat my grandpa’s stuffing, but because I love to be around family, friends, and experience life!

Happy Day Everyone!

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