52 Weeks of Happy {week 44}

Do me a favor…
Go outside. Don’t worry, I’ll wait right here.

You done? Did you feel the breeze, smell the air?
Yep…It’s fall!

September 23rd (Tuesday) was officially the first day of fall. (I know because Google told me!) Cannot believe how the year has zipped by! It has been really fun taking the 52 weeks of Happy challenge and has shown me all kinds of things.

TM Flyer 2014

Though I am not ready for cold weather quite yet, fall makes me so happy because it is the season I st

art doing craft fairs. I absolutely love doing craft fairs and am already signed up for one in October. Cannot wait!

Happy Day 104

Fall is the time for picnics, and playing football!

Oh yes…and Frisbee golf! My little brother and I have discovered Frisbee golf about a mile away from our house. It is surprisingly fun to throw a Frisbee into a metal basket. We are terrible, but still love having fun! : )

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