“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 21, 22, 23, 24} a little behind

I woke up today with the sun in my face, my radio playing a song I liked, and everything was good good good!

I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been busy with school and such, but that will all soon change. College finals are now behind me and all the rest of my school is done.

*Oh Summer, I hope you always stay close by*

The summer breeze is beautiful and the sun’s wonderful kisses are too. = )

Everything about the warmth makes me all googly inside. (Does the word googly fit here? Ah well…)

We sent off the first two quilts for Sew Loving! Hoping and Praying they go to the right kiddo!


Mother's Day 2014 031 Mother's Day 2014 033 Mother's Day 2014 038 

Mother's Day 2014 065 Mother's Day 2014 054 Mother's Day 2014 075


Mother's Day 2014 070Mother's Day 2014 077Sunday, me and my BEST BUD aka: My mamma! Trekked to Galveston on Mother’s day to see the Historical home tour. Pretty incredible! The oldest home we visited was from about 1870, and not only survived IKE, but also has been refurbished and now looks absolutely G R A N D. Also, when IKE took out a lot of the oak trees, these guys went around and sculpted these amazing…well… sculptures…  You can’t tell they are trees anymore! The pictures are above. The Great Dane, The Egret, and the totally awesome, one of a kind, ‘Bird Tree’.

Brunch with the gals!

Mother’s day brunch was DEEElicious! Me, my mom, my Grammie, and my Aunt, and her Mom (Lots of M’s in that statement) had brunch at the Mayflower bakery & Cafe.


Went shopping for little brother’s bed spread. It needed to be perfect, so we went to the mall. Of course, when you go to the mall, it’s customary to take a wrong turn, go up a strange set of stairs, and end up in an executive office, sneak by the receptionist and pop out in the food court. Weird…

Oops, took a wrong *COUGH right! COUGH* turn into the Godiva store. Got a massive chocolate macaroon and munched on it in the Pottery Barn Store. YUM!


WP_20140429_001 The weather was pleasant this week, so we went out to the pond and caught a wee little turtle. No one worry, we released him back into the wild.There are hundreds of them around this time of year. They are all so cute and are all this small.


Making some new items for the shop! Fox tails and ears. Still working on them and waiting for a sunny day to take pictures.



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