“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 16}


Spring break has been awesome! Sleeping late, staying up late, going places, not doing school, doing the whole shebang!

The first two days, we went skeet shooting and rode an old style trolley around the city. We came back home and ate watermelon on the hammock, relaxing and having fun!

Wednesday, our sweet Grammie came over and we went out on the town! We hopped the trolley at HEB, then rode it to the mall. We went to Barnes and Nobles, {little brother bought a chess set} and I went off into an isle and played BopIt* and Simon* for a while. BopIt* is a game I have always loved! We never have bought it {I don’t know why} but every store that contains one, you will find me using it.

PS: Did you know they added a new feature to the BopIt* toy called a “Shout it” {it reacts to your voice}

PPS: Do you know how embarrassing it is to “shout it” in a store? {Everybody looks at you weird when you’re shouting at a toy} =)

After Barnes and Nobles, we girls went over to Anthropology! Coolest place EVER! {I say we girls, because there was no way my brother was going into that foo foo store!}  =)

Anthropology is officially my new favorite store…Besides Hobby Lobby of course!


And do you know what I saw in that store? Something happy! I saw the book: “the happiness project” It is kind of like 52 weeks of happy in the form of a book! I read the first page, it made my day!

We waited in the warm sun for the trolley to come again, and hopped in and drove down to a burger joint called: “BurgerFi” It was pretty cool! {100% Angus beef}

We rode the trolley again back to the mall and walked into “The cheesecake factory”


All four of us ordered a Godiva Chocolate cheesecake, and a Kahlua coffee cheesecake and split it between us.



Then we rode the trolley one more time back to HEB, got some green beans, and drove home.

So fun!

Thursday was cookie night, my mom was having a neighbor over to sign house papers… {My mom is a real estate agent… Go check out her website: HERE}

So anyway, we were making cookies for her {These cookies} and realized we were out of coco!

So we made chocolate chip cookies…without the chocolate chips!

Needless to say, anything with sugar and butter is good, so they were dish delish!

{Just keeping it real}

One last thing before you go.

What better thing to find in an already happy week, than a smile in your ice cream?!

That’s right! Untouched by human hands, we opened the lid off our chocolate ice cream, and there was a smiling face staring up at us.

If that isn’t 52 weeks of happy, I don’t know what is! =)


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