“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 15}

A great day starts with a smile and a fabulous cup of tea! Orange spice tea that is! I woke up this morning and everything was iced over, “I’m so tired of winter” I thought. It was cold, and gray, and trees were actually falling over, because they were frozen!

Now you might be wondering, “Caroline, how can you find happiness in a day like that!?”

Well, if there is one thing I have learned from this “52 weeks of happy,” it is to find the sun in a gray cloudy day! Here are the happy sunny moments on this cloudy cold day:

52 Weeks of happy

A fabulous cup of tea! Because it was cold outside, a hot cup of orange spice tea tasted better than ever! You can feel the warmth when it hits your stomach and then travels through the rest of your body. Add some cream and a little {heaping} amount of turbinado sugar in there, and it tastes just that much better!

Quilt for Fair 002School was cancelled {That’s a miracle all in itself =) } so I had some free time to work on my 4H quilt! As I was writing this, I decided to look up how many days I had left for the quilt before it has to be on the fair grounds… *gulp* 27 days left! Now I am getting freaked out! {Take a deep breath} With determination, {and another snow day} I am sure I will be able to have it finished!


card 2 shirt 2 shirt

I got my new business cards and company shirt! I made my business cards and shirt here, on VistaPrint.com they were very easy to make! They are ultra glossy and overall, I really like the outcome! {I better have, I ordered 500  of them =) } The t-shirt is really cool too! It has a QR code on the back that people can scan, and I think it will be a great conversation starter!

“Ooo… I like your shirt, do you sew?”
“Why yes I do, here is my business card!”

zoes kitchen

A warm fire, a movie, and Zoës Kitchen! Because it was cold again today, we were able to light the fire. Though I don’t particularly like the cold weather, {unless it’s snowing} I do like a blazing warm fire inside, and being able to sit on the hearth and warm every inch of my body. We went out to eat a Zoës Kitchen, a fresh food place that was similar to Panera Bread, and was quite scrum-delia-umtious! We also stayed up and watched a movie as a family.

Haha! I guess I really do like cold weather!

And that my friends, is what 52 Weeks of Happy is supposed to do!

Have a great day everyone, and remember….

“Keep smiling! It’s free!”


    • Caroline Williams
      Caroline says:

      *Hugs* back at you! =) Thank-you! That tea picture is one of my personal favorites too! I’m going to Hobby Lobby soon to go get the quilt batting a back, so it’s almost done. I just have to decide on the quilting part of it.

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