“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 14}


Happy Day!


Mattresses! I don’t have a picture for this happy moment, but it was still fun! We got new mattresses yesterday, (the ones that feel like clouds.) And so me and my little brother had to do something with our old ones.

Let me stop here and ask if anyone has seen the movie Princess Diaries, you know, the one where they go mattress surfing.

Yep, you got the idea.

Me and little brother positioned the mattress at the top of the stairs, got on like a bobsled team and… Mattress surfed!

Funnest time EVER! After the first run, we carried it back up and did it again, and again, and again. *Kids don’t try this at home* =)

And speaking of new mattresses, with my new mattress + wood bed frame, + box spring, I feel like the princess and the pea! My bed now officially measures 40” high! No exaggeration! Get out a tape measure! It is HUGE! I have to jump to get on! 

Best Happy Moment This Week!

Ps: I know funnest is not a word. =)


Happy Day 002 Happy Day 047I have been asked to do a quilting class! A wonderful friend at church wants me to teach her daughters, her, and some friends how to sew! I will be starting with a basic block quilt. Here is a sneak peek of the fabric.


Happy Day 078 Happy Day 089 Happy Day 097 Happy Day 105 Happy Day 103

Beautiful days this week! The weather turned slightly cool again, and the trees are starting to bud. {Yippee!} We rode bikes and skateboarded to the neighborhood park, and played some tennis, swung on swings, and played some basket ball. Then we went down to the duck pond and drank Dr. Pepper and drove a little RC boat around. 

We walked the dog, played golf and just had a grand old time!

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