“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 12}


First Happy Moment: I was on time this time! I actually posted this 52 weeks of happy post on Friday! Woop Woop! = )


52 Weeks of happy!


The 100 Pushup challenge! This has been one of my goals this year, and I started it at the beginning of this month.  The point is to use this chart, to build up muscle. then at the end of 7 weeks, you should be able to do 100 pushups in a row! {without breaking a sweat} Hopefully it will work because…



I really want this shirt! When (or if) I complete the 100 pushup challenge, I am going to buy the shirt to prove it!



The 99! This is another goal of mine this year…to do the 99! I have started training this week, can’t wait till I will be able to do it all in one shot!


CHALLENGE: I really encourage you (and challenge you) to pick a workout to do as a goal this year. Just because it’s not New Year’s, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a goal! Pick something fun, and when you finish, reward yourself with a prize: (t-shirt…etc.)

I would love to stay updated! Leave a comment below telling me what you are going to set as a goal, and how it’s going for you.

Good Luck Everyone!

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