“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 11}

I totally forgot about Friday’s happy post!

So here it is:

Top Golf

Top Golf!

Top Golf! Whether you like golf or not, this place is…AWESOME!

You stand out on a balcony. (there are three levels, and we were on level three) When you look out, you can see 8 large holes in the ground. (two you can’t see in the picture) and there is also a large trench in the very back. You simply get a golf ball and club, (They provide these) stand on the green turf, and swing away! The more times you hit the ball in a hole the more points you get! The computer keeps track of your score, so it was a family competition.

The only scary thing is that you are really close to the edge. But it is still fun, and the food is good too!


Snow day!


Snow day!

Snow…sorta! Okay, so it wasn’t snow, it was sleet, but we did manage to scrape a couple handfuls of it off the cars and form it into snow balls. (sleet balls? Never mind.)

This is Texas, so it is rare to see snow where we live. We went out and caught it on our tongues, threw ice balls at each other, then ran back in to sit by the fire.




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