“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 10}

We made it to the double digits! Week: one —  zero of the 52 weeks of Happy!

Here are a few people who are doing it too:

Things here lately (this is where I got my idea!)

Tales from a happy house

Scraps of us (her name so happens to be Caroline!)

Just a little less

Little birdie

Some of these people have already finished, but some have just started! It is great to see all the happiness!

If you would like to do this too, but don’t have a blog, do it on Facebook! You can do it on your own page, or post it on mine here! I would love to be tagged in the fun!




Picture day with friends! It was actually more than a picture day.  It would be better described as a picture, music, sewing, chicken and dumplings, with a side of cookies day! =) Super fun and great to see you all again! Above are some of the pictures I took that day. See more of them on my Facebook page!


Happy Birthday!

I want to take this time to shout: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” XOXOXOXOXOX     = )     = )     =)


    • Caroline Williams
      Caroline says:

      It is! Like I mentioned in week 8, I want this to not be something I HAVE to write, but something I WANT to write. I love reflecting back on the week and remembering the fun moments! =)

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