Hey folks!

So, have you ever mistook the “U” in a U turn sign for the “union” sign from Algebra!? (This won’t make sense to some)

Probably not…and your probably wondering why I’m talking about the horrid subject of MATH on my diy blog

Well, I have been submerged in math up to my eyeballs the last handful of weeks. As some of you know, I’m going to college to get my Associates degree in business. I’m down to just a handful of classes left and one of those is Finite Math.

Just the name makes me cringe…

To prepare for this class, I have to take a refresher algebra course and it’s going so fast! O_o

I have been wanting to put parentheses around every number I write: (the date, year, or age of something) and today, I mistook the “U” in a U turn sign for a “union” symbol! I literally stared at it for a few seconds wondering why in the world they put a math symbol on a street sign. Lol

So ya…kinda a complicated nerd joke, but all this to say, my crafting life has not been up to par…

With work and school 24/7 I hardly have time to do the things I love! ❤️ Buuuuuuuuut…. I saw this quote today, and it inspired me to start doing what I love and make time to live life to its fullest! Sometimes it means waking up earlier than I want to, and maybe staying up at night to create things instead of scrolling Facebook in bed. This quote is now in my car, on my wall, and my phone locksceen!

Here ya go:

“Today is my day, and there is not another one like it. I solemnly swear to make memories that last a lifetime. I  vow to make an impression on the world, and not the couch.  I promise to dream about unrealistic goals and make them my reality.” 

Im inspired just writing it! Haha!

So, this is to all the future projects and proper time management to come! 🙃

Until the next beautiful day,

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An Ongoing Photo Wall


My photo wall is basically finished!

Look at the post before this if you’re wondering what this is all about. I say “basically finished” because I plan to have it a constant ongoing wall that will be added to as time progresses. Every time I take a pic with friends that I really love, I’ll add it to the wall!😋

I think the quote above turned out really well, and it is now one of my faves 🍪

That was my project these past few days and I’m really happy with the turnout!

Until next project, 🎨

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