Heads Up

Heads up you guys for changes coming in May!

I will be changing quilt prices coming May ONE, so if you want to order a quilt for a cheaper price, place your order by April 30, 2016 @ 11:59pm

I will be coming out with a price sheet in May and those will be the new numbers.


You can order from my blog , Facebook, or head over to my shop and we can work something out together :)

see U soon

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Guess what my peoples!

I’m introducing a new item to Sweet16inStitches. ONE NEW ITEM of THREE to come!

Kitty Ears!

Glitter kitty ears on a headband that is…

Super excited about the few items that are coming soon and they shall all be revealed this coming week beginning Monday.

Check out the kitty ears in my ETSY shop: Sweet16inStitches

Only 5$

cat ear

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


A quick #DIY I did this morning before work!



I wasn’t aware it was saint Patrick’s day until I opened up my computer this morning and saw that the google emblem had a clover on it! Whoops! Oh well….

I looked in my closet,

So apparently I don’t wear green because I am clean out of that hue except for an XL lime green shirt which I was not planning on wearing.


I was worried some strange customer would pinch me so I had to come up with something! I had some glittery foam on my desk so I grabbed it, traced out a clover, and cut it out!

While I got ready for work I plugged in my cold glue gun to get it hot and when it was ready, I hot glued a safety pin to the back of my shamrock!

Took me like two minutes and I really hope y’all didn’t forget to put a splash of green somewhere on yourself today!

Not only did my shamrock keep me from getting pinched, it also was covered in glitter…which is awesome! :)


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Princess Quilt

Sometimes, when the sun peeks his little head through the rain droplets on the trees, it is best to stop what you are doing, throw on some rain boots, and go take pictures in a puddle of the quilt you finished last night.

PicMonkey Collage

This is why I love Fridays :)

Jadon's Birthday 043

Jadon's Birthday 022

This quilt would go great with some super cute princess wands that are coming to the shop very soon!

Jadon's Birthday 029

Jadon's Birthday

Jadon's Birthday 031

and sometimes…you look down at the puddle you are randomly standing in and wonder, “what in the world am i doing??”

Oh well

wearing rain boots immediately makes you attracted to giant puddles and very wet things.

Enjoy quilt number 3 of 2016~

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Stay Dry You Guys

Hope everyone is staying nice and dry this week! Stuff them pink rain boots on your lil’ feet and stay awesome!


By the way, here are those rain boots from Amazon and they are absolutely positively FANTASTIC!

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