A quilt a month: January

Here it is, like I promised! My January Quilt.


January Quilt

This quilt took me a whopping 6 days! Whew! That’s almost slow compared to my record of 4 days – Haha! It is supposed to take me 12 weeks, so I don’t know HOW I pulled this off??!

This type of quilt is really popular with the crowd. It looks intricate and complicated as long as you don’t know how to make it. There is a trick to making these types of quilts, which I show in this really long blog post.

This particular quilt is a rush order for my mom’s friend’s niece. She loves purple and that is the only color she wanted in the quilt. I knew it needed one other color, so I picked a dark shade that wouldn’t take away from the purple factor…BLACK! I think it turned out great!

Her niece also wanted zebra, so the ENTIRE back is zebra :) It makes me happy

January Quilt 010 January Quilt 005My mom’s friend is picking it up today to give as a surprise gift to her niece :)


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Adios Amigos!

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DIY Bakers twine

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Creativity is MESSY…and I am VERY creative!


Are you one of those? Someone who needs about 10 craft rooms and to be the CEO of a craft store- HA!

Well, if you are a DIYer who likes a little to much to make stuff rather than just go buy it, this project will be perfect for you!

DIY Baker’s Twine

DIY Bakers Twine with Sharpie

Baker’s twine… it’s like cotton candy for the DIY lover! mmm mmm good!

It is really easy to make, and I’ll show you: (and I’ll tell you a secret…it’s cheaper than baker’s twine- Heehee)

what you need




  • White twine- Made from Egyptian cotton <- I had to add that, it makes white twine sound more important than it is :)
  • Wooden spools to store twine
  • Color Sharpie or fabric markers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or Paint stick

how to make it



DIY Bakers Twine 003 DIY Bakers Twine 004

Take the white Egyptian Cotton :) and wrap it around the paint stick a few million times.

DIY Bakers Twine 006 DIY Bakers Twine 007Take the markers and color several lines down the twine. Not super close together, but about an even space apart white, color, white, color…

DIY Bakers Twine 009This is what it will look like when you wind it back on the spool!

Purty good huh?

DIY Bakers Twine 014 DIY Bakers Twine 017 DIY Bakers Twine 016 DIY Bakers Twine 015

DIY Bakers Twine


Comment below and tell me what you think!


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DIY colorful toot horns

Who doesn’t like to make noise? I know that I L O V E it! Maybe others don’t like to hear your noise, but HEY, it’s still fun.


Toot Toot Toot! Today is the 100th littlebrighteyes.net post! Let’s celebrate~ These little DIY toot horns make making noise all so much better. I mean, you can look cute while being annoying…score! being responsible and only blowing softly out of doors.

These are really easy to make and all you do is this:

diy horns


what you need





Start by tearing up a horn

Yeah you heard me right :) It’s always fun to destroy things, is it not?

Take one of the horns you bought and disassemble it by pulling off the noise part and then undoing the glued part of the paper/horn part (this will be your pattern) don’t tear up any other horns!

For as many horns as you have, using your pattern, cut out different pieces of colorful paper


Stick a little hot glue on the horn and place one end of the paper on it.


Wrap it around, add a bit more of hot glue on the other end and glue it down




Stick it back in the noise part and hot glue in place.



To add a bit of extra fun, cut a strip of tissue paper or crepe paper 2 inches wide and glue around the large part of the horn

Cut the ends so it flairs out!

Oh, and don’t forget to TOOT AWAY! Blow one of those suckers as loud as you can (it’s kind of like a stress reliever…for you, not the people around you – ha!)



Pretty good, no?

Tell me about your toot horn adventure below in the comment section or on Twitter @DIYCaroline or even Facebook @Sweet16inStitches

Tag me in a picture of your creations, and be featured in an upcoming blog post!

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To Leave a Review or not to leave a Review…That is the Question

To leave a review or not to leave a review…That is the question, and hopefully you will find my answer helpful.


top secret
Should I leave a Review?

Reviews are night and day for business men and women!

They not only make your shop look professional and well-rounded, but they also have the power to prevent customers from purchasing, returning, recommending it, or even… just following the crowds and adding bad reviews themselves!


Should I leave a review if my product was TERRIBLE (and I mean terrible!)

So, if your product falls apart on day one, should you (in a rage) log onto the website, rant about how terrible the store and product are, hit submit, and then go about your day feeling accomplished?
You want the short answer? “No, you shouldn’t”
You want the slightly longer more explained answer? Here you go: Just because your product is not what you expected does not mean you should just automatically write a bad review. First, take a minute to cool off. Gather your wits, and try to look at this situation rationally. :)

I am NOT telling you to lie though…
Look at the item. Was it really the shop’s fault, or was it the post offices? (Bent envelope or package, broken glass inside the box, package left in bad weather…etc.)
Second, reach out to the shop owner before you write a bad review. 95% of your average shop owners want to help, and will do their best to fix your issue or return your money. Most shop owners, like me, believe in their products, and will try their best to satisfy you!
What should I write in my review?

Here you go:

You love/or hate your product and are ready to write a review…what should you talk about.

You have to remember others will see this

Write about:

  • If you liked it
  • Was it all you hoped?
  • Did it get there in time?
  • Did it ship fast
  • Was the color correct
  • How was your customer service
  • Who is receiving the item (Christmas, birthday, etc.)
  • Would you ever do business with this shop again?


Enjoy your products, and from all shop owners: “Thanks for your review! It means a lot.”

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DIY dog tug toy

We got new little puppies!


DIY tug toy

Yepperdoodles! They are the cutest little things on the face of the earth. Like seriously, it should be illegal to be that cute! :)

Our big ol’ Yeller dog passed on after about 10 years of being part of our family so we after about 2 months after his death, we decided to look into getting little pups. This time, two little ones! :D 

They were born October 18 and we got them when they were 7 weeks old.

They have soooooo much fun playing tug-a-war with anything that I figured it was time to give them a pull toy, so here it is!

what you need




  • 1” rope @ 3 foot long
  • Tennis ball
  • Drill with 1” drill bit
  • Scissors
  • The ability to tie a knot

how to make it



DIY tennis balls 005 DIY tennis balls 007

Start by drilling a hole in the tennis ball. Unless you are giving this away to a friend or selling them, you don’t need to buy new tennis balls. Just get an old one your pups play with.

DIY tennis balls 009

Tie a knot at one end of the rope

DIY tennis balls 010

Thread the ball on to the other side

DIY tennis balls 011

Tie another knot on the other end (you’re almost done!)

DIY tennis balls 012

Cut off the excess rope and shake the toy (like a dog) so the ends fray

DIY tennis balls 017 DIY tennis balls 018

DIY tennis balls

There you have it! Give it to those cutie pie dogs of yours and let them tug away!

DIY tennis balls 028 DIY tennis balls 039


Thanks for reading! Tell me your thoughts on Twitter @DIYCaroline

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