A Planner for Anything: Blog or Everyday life! 2015

12 page blog planner for 2015! {January — December}

Can you believe ANOTHER year has whisked by us? Another birthday, another Christmas, another whole year. I hope we all remember the happy moments we shared with one another.

Happy New Year!

Blog planner for 2015


Now of course, another new year means another clean slate.

What better New Year’s resolution to make than to get organized! Let this printable 12 month planner help you out. It is numbered with every day of the month, with a side bar for: goals, notes, to do lists, and more!

You can use this planner for organizing your blog or for organizing everyday life!

Simply print it out

Hole punch

And place in a 3 ring binder or folder


You can simply print it out

And hang on a bulletin board, fridge, etc.


To Print:

Click on the link directly below:

2015 Blog planner and calendar

Click on the print button in the top right corner

Press OK and you’re done!


Have an awesome time getting organized for the year 2015!

Calendar -- Planner 2015



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Merry Christmas! from littlebrighteyes


Merry Christmas!

from little bright eyes



This post is missing YOU!

comment below and tell me how your Christmas was.

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A Gift for the “Storyteller”

Part of telling a new story, is telling it in new ways.


Close your eyes. Picture your family… who in your family is the story teller? Do you have him…or her pictured in your mind? Okay, now how about a really simple gift (under 10 dollars) that will help that person do even more of what they love to do….


“roll film!”

dice game for under TEN BUCKS

All you need is three main things:

You will need four different colors of paint and out of the pack of cubes, you need four.

waiting for paint to dry

Paint the cubes all different colors of your choice. Let dry. Can you believe it? …your almost done chickadee!

Make each die either a, setting, character, plot, or time die.

For example: Orange rolls the character,

Pink rolls the time…etc.

Write the theme on each die. For example: Character die has (written on each side) Santa, Surfer, Penguin, Zoo Keeper, etc. Here are some ideas to get you “rolling” Heehee! ;)

North Pole
Your Birthday
Your name
Stuck in the desert
Find a map
Find Bigfoot
Catch a robber
Give a speech

Roll Film dice game

Fill in the “rules” page you can print out above and,


DIY Whale Bookends 046 DIY Whale Bookends 047 DIY Whale Bookends 048 DIY Whale Bookends 051


Wrap in a cute little box with ribbon and give to your little (or big) storyteller on Christmas.

This makes a great stocking stuffer or an “oops! your present didn’t come in the mail yet” kind of gift. ;)

Have A truly Wonderful Christmas Y’all!!!


Can I see yours? How many dice did you use? Any other ideas? I would love to know!

Comment below


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DIY “together forever” gloves

“Together Forever” Gloves

Why are they called this? Well…separately, they don’t look like anything. Together though, they reveal the intended shape chickadee!


together forever gloves

What you need:

Emma Grace's quilt 009

All you got to do is cut out your shape from felt. Cut that shape completely in half.

Emma Grace's quilt 010

Emma Grace's quilt 011

Put one half (in my case the heart) on one of the gloves…pinky side, not thumb side.

Sew all around the shape with embroidery thread, making sure you don’t sew both sides of the glove together…take it from my experience. Haha. It was definitely a shock, Haha!

Do the same thing to the other glove, sewing the shape to the pinky side, not thumb side.

When you put your hands together, they make the shape! Next pair I make is going to be a dachushound! Won’t that be cute? I included the pattern piece in the pattern above.


How did yours turn out? Can I see?

Tag me on Twitter: @DIYCaroline

or Facebook: @Sweet16inStitches

Or even tell me about it by leaving a comment below. ;)

Tell me all about it!

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DIY Giraffe Trinket Dish: Anthropologie Knock-off

Be like a giraffe, It’s an incredibly difficult thing to bring a giraffe down.



You know me, surfing Pinterest and Anthropologie. Love them both (incredible addicting) and saw this adorable cutesy wootsy giraffe trinket dish

I was like,

“I can make that!”

And so I did.

Want to make one too? Let me show you how:

DIY trinket dish

Oh yeah! And check out their other trinket dishes:

What you need:

DIY Whale Bookends 002DIY DIY

Paint your little giraffe white. Get ready to have paint all over your hands! :D

Let it completely dry and add another layer if need be

DIY Whale Bookends 018 DIY Whale Bookends 020

Give him gold chickenpox: Take a Q-tip, dip it in the gold paint and “dot” away! I did it like Anthropologie, and did not touch his head. It will be easier with more paint on the Q-tip, so you only have to touch it lightly.

Ready for the cloud clay? I was actually quite pleased with this stuff. It was soooo soft I wanted to curl up and use it as a pillow or eat it…yeah…I kinda had the urge to eat it! HA! It was just so soft (not that I eat random soft things or anything :)

Okay Okay, here we go…

DIY Whale Bookends 012  DIY Whale Bookends 014 DIY Whale Bookends 013


Form a handful of the clay into a dish shape. Smooth out the edges until you get your desired shape. Make sure the wee giraffe baby fits in it nicely.

DIY Whale Bookends 026

When it dries, paint a gold line around the perimeter. The clay takes about 24 hours to dry according to the package, but mine dried in about a week (thickness maybe)

DIY Trinket dishUsing super glue, glue the baby’s four feet down (baby giraffe that is)

Let dry and TA-DA!

You are a knock-off master!

DIY DIY Bed frame! What are you serious! This is AWESOME! 084 DIY Bed frame! What are you serious! This is AWESOME! 083 DIY Bed frame! What are you serious! This is AWESOME! 082


This is AWESOME!

The End


Did you make one? Want to learn how to make something else? Tell me or ask me below in the comment section or on Twitter: @DIYCaroline or on Facebook: @Sweet16inStitches

Hope you love it as much as I do!

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