DIY faux pallet wooden sign


Happy Friday Everyone! Weekend here I come!


What if I told you, that you could make this wooden sign for 10$ or less…

Would you believe me? Maybe not.

Well you can! and let me show you how!

PicMonkey Collage 2

I’m calling it “FAUX pallet,” you might be wandering why? Well…

You see all of those signs on the internet you can make that use a pallet board. I am here to tell you that pallet boards are VERY hard to dismantle! Here is an easier version and for under 10$!

Okay, you ready to learn how?


What you need:

Sign 012 Sign 024 Sign 020 Sign 015 Sign 014

  • A 1x4x6 piece of wood mine was roughly <– (No pun intended!) two dollars
  • Sandpaper (I used 120)
  • Large picture hangers (two dollars + Hobby Lobby Coupon)
  • White paint (you don’t need the large bottle, just the 77 cent Anita’s
  • Sponge
  • These Stencils: Letters stencils 

Print out the letters you need. I choose to do “GIVE THANKS” but you can do “WELCOME” your last name, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” You name it!

Sign 004 Sign 006 Sign 007

With an exacto knife, trace the letters out so you have your very own homemade stencil! Set these aside.

Sign 025 Sign 031 Sign 030 Sign 029 Sign 028 Sign 027

Sand the piece of wood nice and smooth.

Like my epic sanding action shots? lol :)

Sign 033 

Sign 035

Sign 037

 On one end of the board, position the picture hanger roughly centered and hammer into place.

Now for stenciling:

Sign 040 Sign 048 Sign 044 Sign 043 Sign 042 Sign 041

Tape the stencil in place, hold parts of it down with your fingers, fill your sponge with paint and start sponging!

Don’t go crazy fast though! If you mess up, a wet Q-tip will be your favorite friend.

Sign 050 Sign 049

Position each letter about 1/2 inch away from each other.

For new words, you probably want about a 2 1/2 – 3 inch spacing.

Sign 054

Make a line and cut it to size.

Sign 055

That is it! Seriously it is that cheap and easy!

Sign 080 Sign 074

Sign 067

Sign 081


Hang it or place it on the ground!


I would love to see your signs, take a pic and share it on Twitter: @DIYCaroline or on Facebook: Sweet16inStitches.

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DIY Cupcake Toppers

Happy  Veteran’s Day! Hope everyone is doing great…and thanks for your service for our country!!!


So I bought some Cupcakes today and I was like: “Hmmmm… I think these need a little more color”…so I whipped up this sweet little tutorial and pattern so you can personalize your own cupcakes too!

Super Super easy….

all you need is:

  • Toothpicks

  • Glue-stick

  • Scissors

Print and cut out the star pattern.

Blog 039

Blog 040

Blog 013

Lay or trace this pattern onto your fancy scrapbook paper and cut out two pieces for every cupcake topper.

Blog 017

Blog 019

Blog 020


Spread glue all over one of the stars and lay the toothpick on the back of one of them, then place the other star over the toothpick, fancy side up.

Blog 021

Let the glue dry completely and that’s it! Literally…you’re done.

Easy Peasy

Now my cupcakes are more colorful and ready to go.

Test out other paper patterns and colors and let me know how they worked out by Tweeting about it @DIYCaroline or post a pic on my Facebook page: Sweet16inStitches.


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52 Weeks of Happy {Week 50}

water and rocks edit P1000618 P1000364 P1000543-JSW123 P1000454 P1000347 florida sand edit


You might be wandering why I haven’t written in a while. Well I blame it on Florida, though you can hardly call that blaming. This Fall we had the opportunity to take a family vacation to Florida and its Keys. SO AWESOME!

Had a great time and did and saw lots of things.

Jet Skis





The Works!

So thankful for my mom and dad, who took time off to give us the vacation of a lifetime!!!

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