Creative way to give cash — or — DIY candle gift box {no-sew}

Here is a quick and easy candle shaped gift box you can put together that will really ‘shine’ at the next party! {No pun intended} =)

The best and most fun part is how it opens. If you do it right, it should open with a simple *blow * to the flame…{just like a real candle}

I used to make these all the time for giving gifts, but they would even be great for party favor bags. Stuff candy, money, gift cards, key chains, words of encouragement, you name it! Stuff it in there and blow it open!


Here’s what you need:

-Toilet paper roll

-piece of felt {Any color}

-Card stock

-Pens and or pencils

-Glue gun and glue stix

-Scissors and or rotary cutter

 Creative way to give gifts 001

Creative way to give gifts 002

Gather all of your materials. Start by cutting the felt to size. It needs to be the same height as the toilet paper roll, and the length needs to have about a half inch overlap.

Creative way to give gifts 004 Creative way to give gifts 005  Creative way to give gifts 006Creative way to give gifts 007

Using your glue gun, glue one side of the felt onto the toilet paper roll, and begin to work around the entire toilet paper roll until is is completely covered in felt.

Creative way to give gifts 008

Now trace around one end of the paper roll onto some card stock and cut the circle you just traced, out.{this will be the bottom}

Creative way to give gifts 010

You probably already guessed this next part, but glue the circle of card stock to one end of the toilet paper roll.

Creative way to give gifts 012 Creative way to give gifts 013

Creative way to give gifts 016Now obviously, we want this to match the rest of the candle, so we need to cover the piece you just glued in felt. Do this by cutting a small square of felt, gluing it to the card stock, and then cutting off the excess.
This is WAY easier than trying to cut a perfect circle and then attempting to glue it on.

Now for the lid!

Creative way to give gifts 019 Creative way to give gifts 020 Creative way to give gifts 021 Creative way to give gifts 022 Creative way to give gifts 023 Creative way to give gifts 024 Creative way to give gifts 025 Creative way to give gifts 027
Once again, trace the toilet paper roll onto a piece of card stock and cut it out. Using the same method as you did for the bottom, glue a piece of felt to the card stock, cut off the excess, and do it again, so the piece of card stock is completely covered in felt. 

Make the strap: 

This isn’t really any specific size, but to help you out, mine was 1/2 inch in width, by about 1 1/2 inches in length.

Glue one end of this strap to the bottom of of the lid, and attach the other end to the toilet paper roll.

The Flame:

Creative way to give gifts 031 Creative way to give gifts 032 Creative way to give gifts 033

Cut a strip about an inch long and just shy of a 1/2” wide. With scissors, cut the end like pictured above.

Creative way to give gifts 034

Creative way to give gifts 036

Cut a flame shape out of card stock and color. No one freak out, you can do this! Use the pictures above as a guide. 

“You got this!”

Glue the flame to the strip of paper {the end that is not cut}

Bend the flame just slightly to it will catch the wind when you blow it.

Creative way to give gifts 037

Glue the ‘flame’ and ‘wick’ to the top of the felt covered lid.

Creative way to give gifts 039

Creative way to give gifts 045 Creative way to give gifts 046

Creative way to give gifts 042

“Woop Woop!” Your done!

Give yourself a pat on the back.

Now stuff that cute little thingy up with lots of goodies!

And don’t forget…Blow on the flame to open it!


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52 Weeks of Happy {Week 17 and 18}

Hello! Good-morning, Afternoon, Evening! Just catching up with the past two weeks Happy posts.


Busy Busy Busy!

May is going to be the busiest month so far this year. =)


My 4H quilt is on the very edge of being done! You might have seen it, but I put a countdown clock on the side of my blog. = )


House 041

House 036House 030

House 024House 017House 015House 002 House 001

Spring has finally sprung! The flowers are blooming, leaves are waking up from their long, ever so long, winter sleep. The bees are back! Hallelujah! {never thought I’d say that about a bee} Butterflys are slowly appearing, sun shining, plants are arriving at the stores, ready for pick  up.


I love spring!

I can wear shorts now, I can leave my jacket at home. ♥ ♥ ♥!

I’m just waiting for exactly the right time to jump in the pool. The water looks SO inviting, but put your foot in, and *brrr* looks like I’ll be waiting for it to warm up some more.


My Uncle and Aunt went to China! 

On Sunday, we were invited over into Galveston to eat and look at the gazillions of pictures they took, while on their trip. We ate, they told stories, and after it was all said and done, we were all sent home with unique authentic chopsticks, {and I’m not talking about the ones you get at Panda Express.} These were painted wood eating utensils…from China!

Anyways, it was pretty awesome, but our “China adventures” don’t stop there. You can’t just go to Galveston and talk about China and then end the day with American food! You have to eat China.

Okay, let me rephrase that. You’re not going to eat China…

“You have to eat Chinese food.”

There, I feel better.

We ended the day with Panda Express, using our new chopsticks of course.


Bubble Bursting Alert:

{Egg rolls are not Chinese!}


And lastly, we finished off the night with Kung Fu Panda!

That’s All!


Have a HAPPY DAY everyone!



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My little sewing helpers — Printable

Sometimes, when a sewing mishap happens, you need a little pat on the back, and a “it’s okay” {And usually a mini pocket mommy armed with a seam ripper!}

These M&M’s will hopefully be that “pick meself up” you need when your seams don’t match, or you measured once and cut twice!

Unfourtunantly though, M&Ms don’t carry seam rippers on them.

…because admit it, we all make mistakes = )

Here is a fun and cute little project to brighten up your sewing room. {And it might attract a few other hungry visitors} 058

The only things you NEED are going to be

  •     M&Ms
  •       Cute paper (optional)

If you have a cute little candy dispenser, that would be even better! {I got mine from an antique shop for $8.}

Open up the PDF, and print out the little M&M poem. 054

Cut it out and glue it to a cute piece of paper if you want it to. 055 056 060

Put all of the M&Ms in a candy dispenser and display it and the sign in an adorable little area in your sewing or craft room.

Now of course, you might need to eat more than just one M&M at a time. 057

But it would be fun to see what color you have the most of at the end of a project. I mine as well get rid of all my blue M&Ms, {I can never find any of my tools!}

Hope you love this little project! And hope it doesn’t attract too many hungry little monsters. {You might want to put it on a high shelf. = ) }



~Bright Eyes

DIY Pet ID Tags

DIY Dog Tag 030

Here are some adorable pet ID tags you can make with 5 simple items!

Pet ID tags can get really expensive if you have more than one pet, and sometimes they aren’t that cute.

I wanted something that was cheap on the budget, but not cheap in style.

So… I DIYed it!

Here is what you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Small split rings


Now I don’t have some fancy PDF file you can download, but I do have something similar.

The template above is a word document.


DIY Dog Tags 023

How to open the template:

Click on the link

Open in Word*

Click on the text you would like to change

Type in your pet’s information. Play around with it, you can change the font, font size, etc.

When it looks good, print out the desired pages onto your printable Shrinky Dink paper.

 Tip: If anything ever goes haywire, click ” Ctrl z ” {It is like an undo button}

Now, Shrinky Dink paper is kind of expensive, but I have a trick up my sleeve that will save you about $5.00

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

40% off coupon!

Every week, Hobby Lobby has a 40% off coupon you can use at the store! 


So if you want to save some money, go to Hobby Lobby!

DIY Dog Tags 024

DIY Dog Tags 025

Cut out your shapes and punch a hole in the ID tag.

Nobody freak out on me now…Yes, there is a phone number included in the template, I just blocked mine out for this post.

I can’t have the whole world calling me! = )

DIY Dog Tags 027

Bake your Shrinky Dinks like the directions tell you. It may take a try or two to get the hang of it, so if you want, cut off a spare piece and test it out!

DIY Dog Tags 026

DIY Dog Tags 028

DIY Dog Tags 029

Did they work? How do you like them? The green speech bubble above is my favorite one.

I think my puppy boy will be wearing that one first. 027 034

Take one of your split rings and feed it through the hole in your dog tags. I used 16mm size ones, but pretty much any size will work. 039

Attach them to your pet’s collar and voila!

Instant cuteness! 

Or handsomeness…whichever. 

{It took me a while to get my dog, Yeller, to sit still for the camera long enough for me to snap a picture.}

Notice he is wearing the green speech bubble ID tag. 045I eventually had to bribe him with a treat to get that picture. = )




DIY Puppy Dog Bow Tie {No-Sew}

bow tie

My little cutie pie dog doesn’t wear anything! I’m serious! You might have a dog just like him. The only thing he allows on his body is his collar!

So that got me thinking

How about some attire he can wear on his collar, something he won’t notice, and something that won’t bother him.

How about a bow tie?

Even better, how about a NO-sew bow tie?

This tutorial didn’t start out by being a no sew project, but I left my sewing machine in the car, my mom took the car, and I wasn’t patient enough to wait, so I improvised and used hot glue. 

This leads me to my next point….

How about a bow tie that needs no sewing skills whatsoever?!

To make this bow tie, all you are going to need is some

  • Scrap fabric
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue gun

{And glue sticks, but you probably already figured that out =) } 030

Simply cut two pieces of fabric to the measurements given below:

Piece ONE: 12” x 6”

Piece TWO: 5” x 3” 032

Start with your biggest piece: {12” x 6”}

Turn it so it is wrong side up! 034

Fold one half of the fabric half way down. 036

Do the same to the other side 037 038 039

Now fold the two ends into the middle 042

Now to make it look like a bow tie!

Remember those little paper fans you used to make as a kid {or was that just me?} You are going to do the same sort of thing with your fabric.

Fold it into the shape of a “W” 045

 Put a spot of hot glue where the folds meet. This will keep it from unfolding later, so add enough glue! 048

Don’t forget about that small piece!

Do the same sort of thing like you did above. 049 050

But instead of folding the two ends into the middle… 051

…Glue one end onto the middle of the bow tie, and begin to wrap it around. 052

Hold it all in place with another good helping of hot glue! 053

The back! 054
The front! 062

I also had some spare burlap ribbon that I made a bow tie with!

The only thing I did differently was I didn’t fold the fabric in half, because it would not unravel 076

Ta-Da! Make as many as you like! 079

But wait a second, this bow tie is for a dog isn’t it?

Simply hot glue the bow tie onto the collar and


It becomes a doggie bow tie! 089 083

And here is my cutie pie wearing his new outfit!

I made him a green one for Saint Patty’s day, and a spring one for Easter!

He looks so proud!

{That crazy dog…}

So what do you think? Easy?

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