A Quilt Sneak Peek — Quilt for a Friend

Here is that sneak peek I promised you on the last post!

This is a quilt I am making for a friend…Hello Friend!


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Quilt 004

Quilt 005

So this is the top. I still have to add the back, batting and stipple it. It’s going to look awesome when it’s done!

Quilt 010

Quilt 012

This fabric above will be the back.


Hope you like it!

~Bright Eyes


Quilt Size and Mattress Size Reference Chart for Sewers and Quilters

All righty folks, I constantly forget how big to make my quilts for my Etsy shop.  I can never remember how big a twin is, or a queen! Therefore, for the benefit of me, and you, I have provided mattress dimensions, and standard quilt sizes.

I decided to write this post because I am currently making a queen size quilt for a friend, and had no idea what size a queen quilt is!

PS: I will give you a sneak peek of the quilt in the next post! Yippee!

Feel free to refer back to this post whenever you need it! =)


Standard Mattress Sizes

Crib == 27’’ x 50’’

Twin == 39’’ x 75’’

Double == 54’’ x 75’’

Queen == 60’’ x 80’’

King == 72’’ x 84’’



Mattress Depths

Standard  == 7″ to 9″

Deep == 10″ to 15″

Extra Deep   == 15″ to 22″



Standard Quilt Sizes

Baby / Crib == 36’’ x 54’’

Lap == 54’’ x 72’’

Twin == Very Short Drop = 54’’ x 90’’   Long Drop (Best option) = 66’’ x 88 – 90’’

Double == 72’’ x 90’’

Queen == 90’’ x 108’’

King == 108’’ x 108’’




“52 Weeks of Happy” {Week 4}

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Moments of Happy:

1) Love Love Love to be outside! The smell, the wind, the cold. Absolutely love it.


4) Trees! I love this picture.  It captures the joy of climbing trees. :) It was actually cloudy all day until I got to this location.  All at once the sun popped through the leaves on the trees, and just made my day!




This week, I am answering the question:



     4.     Can you alter or customize an existing product for me?

I get this question a lot.  The answer I always give my customers is: “I can certainly give it my best shot!”  I chose to give this answer rather than a simple “yes” is because it’s true.  I am not totally positive I can create you a custom order, but I will certainly give it my best shot.  (In reality, I have fulfilled multiple custom order online and offline.  You can see some of the custom orders in my shop here: Custom Orders!





See you next time!!!

~Bright Eyes

“52 Weeks of Happy” {week 3}


Elf classic


Never to old for Christmas Movies! It’s true! You can never be to old for Christmas movies, and Christmas movies never get old. Me and my family’s all time fave has to be “Elf.” In fact, I cannot recall a single year that we did not watch that movie at least once.

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Comment below and tell me.  Perhaps we will add it to our list of Christmas movies to watch this year.



Christmas music!

“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

in the lane, snow is glistening

a beautiful sight

were HAPPY tonight

walking in a winter wonderland!”

That’s right! I am listening to Christmas music right now. KSBJ {89.3} is playing non-stop Christmas music on the radio. I love getting into the Christmas mood, and KSBJ sure does help.   :)  I am only hoping that it really is a winter wonderland this year.    :)

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