Newest edition to the quilt family…

I want to keep every single quilt that comes through my business, and this one is no different! The entire back is soft minky and it is OH SO fluffy! The front features a fun geometric pattern along with pink feathers and polka dots!

This one is going to a sweet little baby girl who will make her debut very soon!

It was such a fun quilt to make and I cant wait for it to have a new home♥

picmonkey-collage-2 feather-quilt-027 feather-quilt-017 feather-quilt-008


Till the next project,


First Packages Sent for the Season


Shipped the first October/December orders this week! I can’t wait for all of the exciting new upgrades and news to come these next few months!


Christmas is just around the corner! Gather those turkeys! Cover yourself in glitter! And hold on! Its about to get awesome….

Till next time peeps,


Rainy Sewing Day

Maybe the rain inspired me, maybe the thunder called me, maybe the lightning struck in just the right place, but after it sat way to long on the banister waiting to be sewn, I finally finished this quilt!
And what’s a rainy sewing day without a picture where you get soaked?! :) I’m so happy this one is finally done! It’s not my absolute favorite, so maybe that’s why it took so long, but what matters, is it’s DONE!!! :)
Quilt #44… check!
New Quilt 005
New Quilt 011
Have a fabulous day y’all!

Loved for who I am…

No more negativity! No more calling yourself ugly! No more! It ends now!

i wrote this awhile back, and felt like I should go ahead and share it here :)

All you ladies are lovely! Start believing that truth!


Loved for who I am…

By: Caroline


I am a warrior! A fighter, a free spirit, and a beautiful mess! My mascara doesn’t always make it onto my face, and my “wings” are not always even. Lipstick stained napkins and wipes globbed with foundation mistakes. Things piled in clutter and not always in a matching mood. Socks that scream for attention, and maybe forgetting to squirt on some “smell good perfume.” But I’m beautiful…
Maybe I can’t hit every note, or make the perfect picture face. Maybe I don’t look good in certain things or my hair will not cooperate. But I’m a warrior…
I put on my war paint to gallop into battle against the world. Against the negativity sharpened arrows, and the stones they hurl at me. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will hurt too. But I’m a free spirit…
I’ll call myself beautiful and compliment my least favorite features no matter the looks I get from others, because “people who mind don’t matter, and people who matter don’t mind!” True friends will love you for who you are and embrace every quirky imperfect thing about you! In a world who makes money off of the girl who says: ‘I’m ugly, looses profit from the rebellious act of calling yourself gorgeous. Love yourself first off, because your opinion of yourself truly matters! Be your own beautiful girl and push away all thoughts of ugliness, imperfect curves, and flawed features. Would you stare Leonardo da Vinci straight in the face and tell him his Mona Lisa is ugly!? So why do you think you can stand face to face with your creator and tell him he messed up?! Because he didn’t…
Imagine the tears heaven sheds when one of their beautiful creatures thinks that they are not attractive. It is not our job to find flaws in the works of art!
Talk and treat yourself like someone you love dearly. Would you tell your best friend they are ugly? No….so why tell yourself that? No amount of physical beauty will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart.
The worlds standard of beauty is such a sick twisted warped view!! I beg you! I plead with you to realize how truly gorgeous you are!
Call yourself beautiful and quit treating yourself like the garbage you toss to the dogs! Peoples definition of you does not define you! So here is to loving yourself and forming friendships and having fun and posting selfies you can’t stop finding flaws in!
I am a ray of sunshine who will not be covered by a cloud of darkness, because I know who I truly am! I was lost, but GOD himself reached down and cared so deeply about my beautiful mess, that He shed His blood for all my flaws, and i rejoice in that knowledge and call myself beautiful!


That is all!

xoxox -Caroline